March For Our Lives In Washington, DC

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After blindsiding the culture and professing his love for his “dragon energy” sibling, Donald Trump, Kanye West‘s been getting the kind of backlash not seen since The Source tried to slander Eminem, Dr. Dre and 50 Cent back in the early 00’s.

Realizing that he’d wandered into enemy territory, Kanye now seems to be trying to play both sides of the fence and over the weekend posted a picture of Parkland survivor/gun reform advocate/Republicans public enemy #1, Emma Gonzalez. Posting a picture of the teen activist, Yeezy stated that Gonzalez was his “hero” in an effort to demonstrate that his views do in fact differ regardless of political party.

Kanye then took things a step further when he posted a selfie of himself with a shaved head with the caption “inspired by Emma.”

Unfortunately for Ye, Emma ‘Gun Reform’ Gonzalez continues to prove that she is wise beyond years and instead of returning the gesture to a celebrity that most kids will kill for an acknowledgment from, Emma took the time to spurn him while praising the man who’s Yeezy’s “brother” has yet to congratulate for his heroic actions, James Shaw Jr.

This is why we love Emma Gonzalez and root for her and her schoolmates.

James Shaw Jr. meanwhile proved that an unarmed man can stop a bad guy with a gun and continued to add to his heroic legend by using the money he raised to aid the families of the victims of the Tennessee Waffle House shooting. We wouldn’t be surprised if Nick Fury was waiting at James Shaw Jr.’s house when he got home and asked him to join the Avengers or something.

The moral of the story, Donald Trump turns everything he touches to sh*t that no one wants to be associated with. Even Kanye West.

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