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In case you were thinking the prospect of 20 years in the joint would mellow 03 Greedo out, think again. Whether or not it’s confidence or an epic troll job, the controversial rapper once again takes shots at the late Tupac “2Pac” Shakur and says he’s “bigger” than the West Coast legend.

03 Greedo sat down with TMZ’s Raq Rants to cover ground on his career, his latest project, The Wolf of Grape Street, and his usual filter-lacking chatter. When asked about walking back his harsh criticism of 2Pac, Greedo would not back down.

“2Pac is a legend as far as making music and making movies. But he also makes it hard for artists from the West Coast to come out. People want us to, like, live up to him or like we can’t pass him, because that’s almighty Pac,” 03 Greedo said. “I’m making way more music than he had…it’s hard… I’m talkin’ ’bout real life.”

The interview gets a little testy with Greedo essentially doing everything he can to tarnish Pac’s street credibility, even comparing him to Talib Kweli at one point which was no doubt in reference to 2Pac’s socially conscious tracks.

Check out the full 03 Greedo interview below. Hit the 7:21 mark of the clip to see the 2Pac discussion.

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