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When it comes to crossover entertainers, pro athletes are always on the move

Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram / Getty

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley is adamant that he is a rapper first who just so happens to play football. 

Reports TMZ:

Cole released a single “80 Stings” back in January, and the critical consensus from most people was that Beasley spit hot fire like Dylan.

We talked to Cole and his producer “Phazz” Clark … and CB says the toughest thing about being an athlete that raps is that he isn’t that at all.

“For this album to be a success, for me it’s really just opening the door for people looking past the athlete trying to rap, to he’s just a rapper who happens to play football.”

FYI — Cole’s debut album, “The Autobiography,” drops Saturday … and Cole says his album release party is gonna have all the Cowboys there, bringing together one thing athletes and rappers do have in common:

Groupies. (Cole is married ladies).

Cole, don’t quit your day job. No shots.

Photo: TMZ