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Source: Nintendo

Nintendo announced back in September last year that their retro system, the NES Classic would return in 2018. At the time details were vague, but today (May 14) the iconic game company has revealed precisely when nostalgia gamers can get their hands on a system. 

Nintendo originally meant for the retro console to have a very limited run but quickly realized that it tapped a market when the NES Classic dropped and saw how popular it was. Gamers rejoiced when the announcement of the NES Classic was getting an extra life in 2018. Via a Tweet, Nintendo revealed the return date is June 29th, and it will be available through the end of the year, so mark your calendars.

The system only costs $60 and comes pre-loaded with 30 games including Metroid, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, Zelda, Kirby’s Adventure just to name a few. If you are wondering about the SNES Classic, Nintendo also announced that the $80 retro console will be available throughout 2018 as well.  With the company’s reversals on the retro consoles due to their popularity and the Switch being so popular, Nintendo is looking at a very prosperous 2018.

Photo: Nintendo