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HBO Celebrates New Season Of 'Insecure' With Block Party In Inglewood

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HBO’s Insecure has made Issa Rae a household name and has introduced a number of unforgettable characters, including the sweet but still street Tasha the Bank Teller, and Molly’s secret lover, Dro. Castmates Sarunas Jackson and DomiNque Perry allegedly welcomed a baby girl but there are a number of unconfirmed plot twists we’re still trying to unpack.

The news came as a surprise to many of us although many of Perry’s fans knew she was expecting given that she documented her journey via Instagram but never mentioning who the father was. After she posted a photo of her daughter, Zen, Jackson also posted an image of the baby with the caption “NTWS” which may have been an acronym for “Nothing Was The Same.”

This took fans down a deep hole of theories and alleged connections, even harkening back to earlier reports near the top of the year that Perry had designs on Jay Ellis, who plays the onscreen love interest, Lawrence. Adding to the messiness that’s still ongoing, Jackson’s alleged girlfriend, Kayla Zahara, posted a video essentially calling the Jackson a real-life f*ckboi but then posted another bizarre video of the pair reaching an understanding.

Yes. We’re still trying to figure it all out too.

To her credit, Kaylen Zahara has clapped back at fans trying to slam her for taking the L in public, which has been egging on some nasty comments but she’s taking it all on gracefully.

The reactions online have been going for a couple of the days and thanks to The Shade Room and the Internet being forever, we’ve documented the chatter below and on the following pages.

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