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The #MeToo movement continues to out sexual predators in the highest places and expose some of our favorite artists for the violators that they secretly are, and rightfully so. Just a week after Morgan Freeman was accused of sexual misconduct harassment by eight women, BROCKHAMPTON’s Ameer Vann has left the group after being accused of sexual misconduct himself.

The group took to Twitter to announce Ameer’s exit from the group and also apologizing to the women that Vann had allegedly victimized while shouldering some blame for not “speaking up sooner.”

While fans understood the actions taken by the group in light of the accusations, other followers felt that the group overreacted and shouldn’t have kicked him out the group over unproven claims.

A source close to the group told Celebrity Insider that they feel like this is just a set up saying, “Vann didn’t do any of this. I honestly feel like he’s being thrown under the bus by a jealous girlfriend or something. It’s super unfair.”

While that may be the case there had already been rumblings that Vann had not only mentally and emotionally abused women he was involved with, but also allegations that he had intimate relations with a minor. Ameer for his part admits to being “f*cked up” and “disrespectful” to his past partners but denies being abusive towards them.

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