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Talib Kweli In Concert - Brooklyn, NY

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Talib Kweli saw himself front and center of a potential “#MeToo” moment when his former musical partner Res accused him of withholding her music due to her denying his sexual advances. The Brooklyn rapper has denied such claims and inner conflict between the pair spilled out onto Twitter.

The accusations began flying last Friday (June 1) when Res, 40, took to Twitter and began blasting Kweli, 42, over have shoddy business practices. Res claimes that Javotti Media, the label Kweli runs, has suppressed the release of her project. The pair were once in the group Idle Warship, but things have changed in the five years since Res signed with Javotti.

“Let’s talk the truth my brother @TalibKweli tell the world how you treat women you work with shall we discuss your approach to a good work environment I have emails like you do KING,” Res tweeted.

She added, “this can be worked out without you suing me. you could pick up the phone or meet with me in person but to slap a lawsuit and try to get money from me is embarrassing. We have been associates for too long for you to refuse a phone call @TalibKweli NO MORE LIES.”

Res went on to say that Kweli was miffed because she turned down his attempt to kiss her. Kweli vehemently defended himself against the accusations, using Twitter to communicate with Res.

“Someone mad they got dropped and the gravy train stopped. Someone trying to put out my verses without paying me, getting sued, making up lies, getting sued again. You’re witnessing desperation,” Kweli tweeted in response to a fan asking what the issue was between the pair.

Kweli took to Twitter and shared that Res stole his verses and was moving to release music without his signing off or being compensated for the work, suing her successfully which then sparked her countersuit and accusations of harassment, which were also shot down in court according to documents Kweli shared.

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