Gears 5

Microsoft Xbox E3 Conference 2018

Source: Microsoft/Xbox / Microsoft/Xbox

You could see this announcement coming a mile away. Gears of War is back, and it looks like it will be a making a few drastic changes this time around. Ditching the of war, Gears 5 will have players take control of Kait, and she is sporting her Locust chain from the from the fourth game. Fan-favorite Marcus Fenix returns alongside his son J.D.FenixDelmont “Del” Walker also returns and will follow Kait on her new adventure.

We also get a glimpse of the new enemies, new environments, and new weapons. Gears 5 exclusively arrives on Xbox One and PC in 2019. A Gears of War mobile game in collaboration with Funko Pop and turn-based strategy game for PC  are also due out next year.  Peep the cinematic announcement trailer for Gears 5 below.

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