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Tekashi69 might be fighting a losing battle trying to secure airplay on HOT 97. He was turned away at Summer Jam this past weekend.

The rainbow haired rapper took to Instagram Live as he and his crew attempted to enter to the New York Hip-Hop station’s annual concert but were turned away. Naturally the rejection did not sit well with the Brooklyn native which lead to several rounds of arguing with police on site at the event and even a confrontation with local rapper Loccie Shmula.

Of course Shmula took to social media to explain the backslide.

While at the time it was uncertain why the Brooklyn native was denied entrance, HOT 97’s Ebro Darden has confirmed that he wasn’t invited to perform.  “Reason we didn’t have you on Summer Jam is cause you don’t know how to shut up bro” he explained on “You Played Yourself” segment during the Ebro In The Morning show.

Darden went on to detail how he was trying to give him some stage time but things went left. “I had a whole thing but I wasn’t gonna tell him in advance because his dumbass doesn’t know how to shut up,” Ebro said. “We had a whole plan. People was working. People really wanna help this kid but he doesn’t know how to shut up.”

The former executive turned on-air personality also alleges that Tekashi allegedly covered up his face tattoos to get pass security. “Well if Summer Jam really fell off so bad fam, why you outside with makeup on covering up your tattoos trying to get inside?”

You can view Ebro’s response below.

Via Complex