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XXXTentacion killed

Source: Miami Herald / Getty

Since the shooting death of XXXTentacion, vigils and tributes for the slain rapper have been cropping up around the country with police temporarily losing control of a gathering in Los Angeles. In Florida in front of the RIVA Motorsports store where XXXTentacion was murdered, his ex-girlfriend and accuser says she was booted from the vigil being held there Tuesday (June 19) and had her items set on fire.

Geneva Ayala, who accused the artist born Jahseh Onfroy of heinous acts of abuse, took to Instagram to express her shock and love for her ex-boyfriend in the wake of his death. She added that fans at the site of the vigil wouldn’t allow her to stay on the premises, and burned the tribute items she brought with her.

“[T]hey kicked me out of the vigil. so damn disrespectful. i can’t believe people are that selfish. i wasn’t even there 25 minutes and i literally got pulled away from the memorial. i just wanted to stay. i wasn’t bothering anyone. this is unfair. i’m absolutely devastated. THEY BURNED THE SH*T I LEFT THEY BURNED WHAT I BROUGHT FOR HIM IM SO MAD LIKE IM SCREAMING,” She wrote.

“[I] left those those things for him. i didn’t bother anyone. i said nothing to no one. i can’t believe they’d do that. how did they let that happen. why would anyone let that happen, where is the respect? the globe, board, flowers and candles i brought for him were placed BEHIND THE CAUTION TAPE, AND THEY LET THEM GET THE SHIT AND SET IT ALL ON FIRE. he would’ve wanted me there. i have no fucking words,” Ayala added.

In Los Angeles, as reported by NBC Los Angeles and other outlets, fans who gathered to pay their respects climbed atop buildings in the Melrose Avenue area and were reportedly jumping from the rooves and throwing rocks at police. After 9:00 PM PST, police were able to control the crowd and broke up the gathering.

Photo: Miami Herald/Getty