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In this week’s “Can’t Say I Saw That Coming” news, the Supreme Court decided to uphold Donald Trump’s racist Muslim Ban, and DJ Kid Capri called out Funk Master Flex outta nowhere and challenged him to a DJ battle for the ages and ageless.

“Yo Flex. You talkin’ greasy? You the best in the city? You got to prove it to me now,” Kid said in a video he uploaded to the gram. “Now you got a wall you gotta run through. Kid Capri. I’m calling you out. I want all the smoke!”

While it’s obvious that something agitated the “world famous Kiiiiid Capri!” he does downplay any talk of personal beef saying “Yeah, we still family. I still love you to death but you need a spankin’! You talk too crazy.”

Things only got crazier from there as Flex responded to Kid by posting a screenshot of texts between the two OG DJ’s in which Flex clowns Capri for calling him out.

This only led to another video from Kid Capri in which he reminded Flex that he not only bit his style for talking on mics, before labeling himself the “mixtape king.” By the way, have we ever crowned a mixtape king?

Capri then posted another video in which he called Flex a clown and reminded Flex of all the accolades Kid Capri received throughout his music career and at one point attacked the gold plaque Funk Master Flex got for his mixtape album.

No word on whether or not Flex is even humoring Kid Capri’s challenge for real or why Kid Capri even decided to go this route, but the gauntlet’s been thrown down and the streets is watchin’ to see who turns to dust when it’s all done and settled.