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Power Season 5

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Power season has returned!

The opening episode in season 5 occurs right after the events of the season 4 finale. Power  pick up the pieces from Raina’s death and follows the characters as they search for answers and try to reconcile with a huge loss to their family

Angela is distraught at the crime scene where Officer Raymond Jones was murdered. She’s cycling the series of events in her mind, and figures out that Ghost and the fam had to be involved in the murder, and she’s indirectly implicated because she gave Tasha the info to find Jones. Angela advises officer Hiciano to leave her name out of the report. The only issue is Blanca Rodriguez from NYPD internal affairs is also on the scene and wants answers. Raymond Jones was a dirty cop and anyone associated with his irregular activity will need to give answers ASAP! A visit at the office between Blanca and Angela proves fruitless but the message is clear: Angela will have to tread lightly otherwise her career will once again be in jeopardy.

It doesn’t help that her team is still iffy about trusting her. Angela’s boss Tameika Robinson, who promoted her amid the scandalous charges against the USDA’s office, knows Agela isn’t being forthcoming about her recent actions and is withholding the witness (from WAY BACK in the pilot) that can positively ID Ghost via voice.

Angela confronts Tasha about the ballistics report, their involvement in Jones’ murder and what happens next. Angela contemplates turning Tasha and the family in, but Tasha is quick to remind her that they are all in this together and a debt is owed for destroying the St. Patrick family. Angela ends up deleting the federal report (under a different login), but something tells me those actions will come back to explode in her face.

The Unholy Trinity of Kanan, Tommy, and Ghost understand they can’t attack Dre directly, so they try to devise another plan of action. Trust between the three is poor to say the least. Kanan remains pragmatic about their alliance — They have shot, stabbed, scorched, kidnapped and robbed one another. Now they have a common foe. An alliance is the only solution. Tommy discovers Dre killed Father Callahan, they compare notes about the tainos Cristobal sent to kill Kanan, and how Dre setup Julio to get murdered. They get the location of Dre’s new hideout. They plan a quick hit, but conveniently walk into a trap!

Dre and Cristobal knew their plans were discovered, but they cannot include the Jiminez in any attacks because Dre assured them he could handle any problems. So they waited in their warehouse for Tommy and Ghost to come, prime for an ambush. Ghost and Tommy survive with an unlikely assist from Kanan, and employ Proctor to get a doctor to patch up Ghost “off the books”.


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