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The NYPD has suspended two officers pending an investigation into claims they left a Brooklyn shooting victim unattended over the weekend who later died because of his wounds. Robert Fason’s family claims he was on the ground for 45 minutes and reports say the officers never left their patrol vehicle to check on the victim.

The New York Daily News reports:

Officers Roberto Anton and Lisa Lavelle, both assigned to the 73rd Precinct in Brownsville, drove off without ever getting out of their cruiser, law enforcement officers said Monday. The cops have been suspended.

Anton and Lavelle answered a 911 call of a man shot on Decatur Ave. in Bushwick on Saturday, but they left the scene after staying in their car for three minutes. Robert Fason, 43, later died from his wounds.

Fason’s brother, Lee Fason, 47, on Monday repeated his call for the NYPD to boot the cops.

“Gross, it’s gross. They are supposed to be the Finest,” he said. “That’s not them being their finest. They never told us about that (cops leaving scene). My reaction? More hurt. I want them to catch these guys who did this. And these officers, they should lose their jobs.”

He added, “If it wasn’t for the Daily News, we would have never known that the police didn’t do their jobs. They never told us anything.”

A fight broke out at Brooklyn’s Harvey’s Bar around 3:30 AM ET last Saturday (June 30), and Mason, 44, and another man, 43, were shot by a trio of men who sped off in a white sedan.  The 43-year-old man suffered a wound to the neck but survived. Mason ran down the block searching for help and another pair officers discovered him but by then, he already died.

The family is demanding answers and claim so far that the NYPD has yet to offer an apology. Mason, who was married, was a father of four who worked for a local clothing company.

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