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Stacey Dash dove into the shallow end of the conservative pool years ago, and the actress has yet again captured a gigantic L for sticking to her right-wing guns. A film which tackles the controversial Roe V. Wade decision of 1973 lost its entire crew and funding, with Dash playing a true-to-form pro-life character in the flick.

As noted by TheGrio, the tentatively titled 1973 had kept a short leash on details surrounding the film. The Hollywood Reporter exclusively reported earlier this week about the film and its director Nick Loeb, along with a small listing of Dash’s co-stars who also tout conservative views such as Jon Voight and Robert Davi. Dash was cast to play Mildred Jefferson, the first Black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School and a staunch pro-life advocate who fought to have Roe V. Wade overturned in 1981 in a failed bid.

THR adds that as soon as some cast and crew members learned of the pro-life direction, they began bailing on the production. TheGrio adds in its reporting that apparently the producers of the film flipped the script on the direction of the film causing many involved to go the other way.

It isn’t known if the film will go forth with production at is current rate of issues and concerns. Loeb is attempting to raise $1 million to complete the project. Good luck with that.

Photo: WENN