One of the world's greatest, if not greatest, superheros will be making comeback to the big screen. And the hand penning the project will be melanated.

Lil Yachty is taking his talents to Tinseltown once again. The Hollywood Reporter broke the story that he is working with Mattel to bring the popular children's game Uno to life as a movie.

  One of the most celebrated films of any genre is about to brought back to life. If the hearsay is correct we could possibly get a melanin version of one the most iconic gangsters in cinema history.


When Harlem up and comer Neek Bucks suggested that he was going to be the game’s next Jay-Z, many fans brushed it off as common optimism from a rapping rookie. But no one knew that the “Love” rapper would truly follow the blueprint that the Brooklyn icon left behind.

Chance The Rapper already proved he has acting chops due to his stellar performance in hosting Saturday Night Live. Chano will once again show off his thespian skills in comedy-horror film Slice, which has the Chicago rapper playing a werewolf and a trailer was unleashed today.

Stacey Dash dove into the shallow end of the conservative pool years ago, and the actress has yet again captured a gigantic L for sticking to her right-wing guns. A film which tackles the controversial Roe V. Wade decision of 1973 lost its entire crew and funding, with Dash playing a true-to-form pro-life character in […]

Mary J. Blige pulled from her emotional depths usually reserved for songs and displayed superb acting chops in Dee Rees’ Mudbound film in 2017. The R&B star and new divorcee will take to the screen once again in a leading role in the upcoming horror-thriller, Body Cam.

Big Sean continues to put on for his city. He plans to open a cinema in his home town.

Netflix‘s big-budget sci-fi thriller Bright starring Will Smith hasn’t gotten a ton of love from critics and fans alike. However, it appears millions of people in the United States tuned in to watch the movie according to a new report from Nielsen. 

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the latest in the long-running sci-fi saga that began in the 1970s and is still going strong today. With the nationwide release taking place today (Dec. 15), fans are already giving their take on Episode VIII via Twitter and the early returns appear to point in the film’s favor.

G-Unit boss 50 Cent and Ice Cube's son, O'Shea Jackson, star in a new trailer for the thriller Den of Thieves co-starring Gerard Butler in a new trailer.

Suge Knight, the incarcerated founder of Death Row Records, reportedly threatened Straight Outta Compton director F. Gary Gray repeatedly.