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If y’all thought Joe Budden was going to go easy on his rap peers after walking away from Complex’s Everyday Struggle, think again. If anything he seems to be unleashed.

This time around the “Pump It Up” rapper went in on Nicki Minaj for her bizarre behavior as of late including lashing out at a fan who seemed to question why Nicki doesn’t dodge the Barbie shtick and rap about being grown and in charge.

Earlier this week Joe took to his podcast and touched on the subject and Budden being Jumpoff, he minced no words about Nicki’s response. After mimicking Nicki’s voice while reading her response to said fan, Budden’s insinuated that Nicki might be visiting them purple hills Eminem used to back in the late 90’s.

“She definitely popped a pill after that” Budden stated before hilariously going back into his Nicki imitation and calling out Nicki for responding the wrong way.

“You shouldn’t just speak to anybody that way. Especially when you’re as big and as famous and as powerful as she is. Especially when there’s been multiple reports going around for years that that is how you speak to people behind the scenes. That’s probably what started people being turned off from Nicki Minaj.”

We’re not sure if Nicki’s going to end up clapping back at Joey for this but the truth is that as far as his opinion on respecting the next person’s opinion without flying off the handle, he has a point. As for his suspicion that she’s on something, that’s anyone’s guess.

Check out his thoughts about the situation below and let us know your opinion on the matter. We promise we won’t slide in your DM’s with slander.

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