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Natalie Nunn is continuing her tirade against model Amber Rose for her relationship with Wiz Khalifa.

As previously reported the former Bad Girls club cast member released a Ustream video dissing Rose for her new ties to the rapper who Nunn was previously dating.

According to Nunn Wiz is just her “sloppy seconds” and she’s no comparison to Rose who “majored in stripping” while she obtained two college degrees.

Now speaking out again, this time to VIBE magazine, Nunn says she met Rose before and the two agreed to spend time together in L.A.

Natalie says however when the model started dating the rapper the conversations soon ended.

“She sat up there text messaging me and I have all the text messages. All of her conversations, all of her trying to be, “Let’s go workout together; let’s train.” Then all of a sudden you don’t want to be woman enough to get on the phone and talk to me about the situation.

Yeah, I got a problem with you, straight up. Amber needed to be a grown a** woman ‘cause we all know the Beyotch is like 35 years old. She’s been in the game for a cool minute. She’s damn near pushing a whole decade of Wiz and I.”

She also adds that while she wouldn’t resort to physical violence with Rose, things could get “ugly.”

According to Nunn, Amber is a “bop” unlike her who spent two months getting to know the rapper and never had sexual relations.

I don’t like to attack the female first. I ain’t with that petty stuff ‘cause real talk I’ll just go at peoples’ necks. It could be ugly. I don’t care…

“Nah, I don’t need to fight her. She’s a bop! She’s boppin’ right now. And if you don’t know the definition of a bop, it’s a hoe. Because at the end of the day, you know that I was laid up, kickin it with Wiz for well over month. For two months I had taken time out to hang out and get to know him. Just because we were hanging out doesn’t mean somebody’s Fawking. No.”

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