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If the where’s smoke there is fire logic still applies things might get bad very quickly for Boosie. His daughter’s mother made some damming accusations against him via Instagram.

Rochelle Wagner went live on her baby girl’s Instagram account in effort to clear the perception that Bad Azz should win father of the year award. Tori’s mom goes on to detail how the two met when they were teenagers and regrets having a child with him.

She went on to play some voicemails from someone who sounds like BooPac. In the phone clips the man threatens to blacken her daughter’s eye and kill her (“put a bag on her head”) like he did her brother. She explains her brother was murdered with many locals thinking Boosie orchestrated the crime.

Naturally, the news of her allegations drew a prompt response from the “Set It Off” rapper. In his own Instagram Live story, Boosie downplayed her credibility by accusing her of being promiscuous and a petty thief. For the record, he did not address the aforementioned threats or having a hand in the death of her brother.

In 2012 Boosie was acquitted on murder charges for the death of Terry Boyd who is the older brother of Wagner. During trial Rochelle took the stand stating her sibling and Boosie did not have any problems.

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