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Spider-Man Playstation

Source: Sony / Sony

The legendary Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con isn’t showing anything in regards to Marvel movies this year due to the Thanos snap. BUT some great news came out of the panel Marvel Games held there regarding Insomniac Studios PS4 exclusive Spider-Man game. 

Yesterday (July 19th), Insomniac and Sony revealed that along with the highly-anticipated game a Spider-Man Limited Edition PS4 Pro console will also be released. The console will be dressed in a sleek “amazing red” and will feature the iconic logo that adorns Spider-Man’s advanced suit that is featured in the game.

Spider-Man Playstation

Source: Sony / Sony

To make the cipher complete when you pre-order the game you will get PS4 theme created by Adi Granov.

Spider-Man PS4

Source: Sony/Insomniac Games / Sony/Insomniac Games

Speaking of suits, on top of the already revealed Infinity War’s Iron Spider Suit and Spider-Punk threads, the third and final reveal shows off Spider-Man’s Velocity Suit which will allow players to be greater in style.

Last but certainly not least, attendees at the panel were treated to a new story trailer for the game that teased even more details. We are introduced to and get to hear for the first time the voice of Mayor Norman Osbourne. We also get a glimpse of the antihero Silver Sable who Osbourne hires to quell the madness going on around the city thanks to The Shocker, Rhino, Electro, Vulture and Mr.Negative and as added bonus stop Spider-Man in the process too. Spider-Man definitely has his hands full and enlists the help of his girlfriend Mary Jane Watson and Miles Morales in the new trailer.

Unfortunately, we still don’t see Miles put on his Spidey suit, but all signs are pointing to him doing so in the game. Spider-Man swings onto consoles September 7th and if your smart you should jump on this order ASAP cause these consoles will sell out quickly. You can check out the new story trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man below.

Photo: Sony/Insomniac Games