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Another day, another petty but oh so entertaining debate in the realm of Black Twitter. This time the discussion revolves around a man who refused to give his girlfriend the $20 her kids (more on this in a minute) needed for a school field trip.

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Homeboy refused to give up the funds, she got mad, so of course the text convo was shared on Twitter because…this is 2018.

Some background, the girlfriend has three kids and two baby daddies. Yet and still, the two parents in the equations couldn’t come up with the $20. Enter the non-cooperative boyfriend and that’s technically four (4) people who couldn’t come up with a $20 bill.

Really, baby mama should have known this wasn’t going to end well when the first response to her “I need 20 dollars” request was, “20 dollars to do what babe?”

The resulting diatribe featured accusations of selfishness, suggestions she ask her TWO baby fathers for that $20, and statements of “I do not give people money.”

Black Twitter is now fiercely debating this struggle, with both sides being represented. Peep some of the best reactions and commentary in the gallery.

Boyfriend Says No When Girlfriend with 3 Kids & 2 Baby Daddies Asks for $20, Twitter Goes In
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Also, don’t come for the messenger.

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