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50 Cent & Tekashi

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Just a few weeks after getting kidnapped, beaten and robbed for a quarter mil in jewelry, the once humbled Tekashi 6ix9ine is back to his arrogant-smack-talking-trolling ways with YG the subject of his slander this time around.

It all stems from a Breakfast Club interview that the Stay Dangerous rapper did yesterday in which he called out Tekashi for being a “little n*gga” who was playing too much with “real sh*t.” Naturally word got back to the Brooklyn rapper who responded like someone who didn’t just get G-checked a few weeks ago saying, “Yo, I don’t know how much more disrespectful I can get? YG, suck my f*cking d*ck, stupid!”

6ix9ine then went on to belittle YG’s rap career stating “Your last single before your last album came out had four major artists on it. You had 2 Chainz, you had Big Sean, and you had Nicki Minaj. Yo bro, you supposed to blow me out of the water. How my record doing better than your shit?”

This isn’t the first time the LA rapper’s called out 6ix9ine though. A few months ago he posted an IG video where he straight said “F*ck 6ix9ine, ni**a! On Blood! What’s happening, Blood?!” Tekashi didn’t respond to YG’s slander.


For the sake of everyone involved we hope cooler heads prevail because life and freedom shouldn’t be taken for granted.

YG has already responded in kind.

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