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Omarosa Manigault-Newman has a book to sell and the tell-all already has caused ripples in the already unsettled landscape of President Donald Trump’s administration. The former reality TV star and one-time top level Trump aide said her ex-boss is starting a race war and said wild sex parties are going down at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue too.

TMZ reports:

We got the newly-minted author Saturday at Reagan National Airport in D.C., and she wasn’t mincing words. She thinks Trump’s attack on LeBron James is part of a campaign to inflame the country and pit blacks against whites.

She hawks her book during the conversation, but drops some pretty salacious tidbits. She says there’s someone in The White House with the nickname, White House Barbie.

Wow. Well, Omarosa does have a book to sell so maybe that’s why she’s gone full dry snitch and not for, you know, the good of the country or whatever.

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