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Supreme sure knows how to keep their hypebeasts on their toes.

Last year, the popular clothing brand had subway riders waiting on line for their exclusive Supreme-branded MetroCards and yesterday (Aug. 13) they helped the New York Post sell like hotcakes thanks to the company logo on the front page cover.

That logo was all it took for hypebeasts to swarm on newsstands that were bubbling these limited edition papers and they’re already being resold like a pair of Jordans for more than 10 times the paper’s retail price.

Given the resale prices that Supreme products tend to go for that’s pretty much a steal. Ridiculous, but a steal nonetheless.

This begs the question, is there anything Supreme can’t sell? It’s such a popular brand that the only thing it probably wouldn’t be able to move is a Make America Great Again hat. And even then there’s a good chance that it’ll be a hot commodity amongst a certain segment of consumers.

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