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Jaden Smith

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Jaden Smith continues to glow up in historic fashion. Will’s son was recently interviewed by one of his favorite artists for an in-depth feature.

Jaden is gracing the cover of the VMan’s newest Vanguard issue. Kid Cudi, one his biggest influences, conducts the Q&A where the actor turned rapper shares how he plans to move the culture forward his way.

Of course, his taste in fashion came up and he cited The Lonely Stoner as one of his biggest influences. “I actually pull a lot of fashion inspiration from you. It’s a rock-and-roll vibe, with a lot of denim. I love flannels; you put me onto that. I like picking a time in history, or a kind of music, and I try to model my outfit after that.”

Cudi too chimed in about his take on the industry. “I feel fashion is in a beautiful place, especially seeing what Virgil’s doing [as Louis Vuitton’s menswear artistic director]. It was an incredible experience to be part of that—a monumental moment. It makes me excited for fashion. He’s doing groundbreaking things. That’s what this business needs: thinkers, people that push boundaries.”

The conversation ultimately turned to music where the two discussed Juan Pablo’s recent Kid’s See Ghosts collaboration album with Kanye West. “I worked really hard on it. Can you imagine the day Kanye asked me to do the album with him? I thought he was joking; maybe it was a moment he was excited about the idea, and after a couple months, he’d just be over it. [Laughs.] It took me a minute to realize, ‘Yo, I’m making an album with my big bro. This is a dream of mine'” he shared.

Smith also touched on his commitment to his environment with newest Just Water brand. “Right now, I’m in a room where the walls are made out of probably 2,000 Just Water bottles, pressed—it can be used as a drywall, so I really want to help people create schools using these materials. If you combine a lot of plastic together and melt it down, it almost becomes cinder block. You can use trash to create an entirely new structure. People will probably give you their trash for free if you’ll take it away from them. That’s why I feel like it can spark a new industry.”

You can read the rest of the piece here. The VMan 40 issue hits newsstands August 23.