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Jaden Smith outside his hotel in Paris, France

Source: / WENN

Jaden Smith has a peculiar style, to say the least, but he does think and live outside the box in a way that you may not like but have to respect.

That being said, the offspring of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett just celebrated his 20th birthday and to commemorate the milestone he released his new project, Syre: The Electric Album on Instagram. Yes, his latest album is an Instagram exclusive. And while the move is crazy original, fans will notice that the material on the album is not. In fact, the songs are actually electrically remixed cuts from Smith’s 2017 project, Syre. Songs like “Lost Boy,” “Fallen,” and “ICON?” are simply remixed sonically.

Meanwhile Jaden’s iconic father, Will Smith, also took to the gram to celebrate his son’s birthday by posting a throwback pic of Jaden in some Spider-Man pj’s and ribbing him about his love of superhero suits.

Jaden’s mama, on the other hand, went the more traditional route and simply posted a baby pic of her son accompanied with some heartfelt words of how time flys when raising children.

Photo: WENN