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In an Instagram post showcasing her red carpet look, Kravitz took to the caption to share her feelings regarding the hot topic writing: “Here’s a picture of my dress at the show where we are apparently assaulting people on stage now.”

There’s a reason why whenever a celebrity’s death is announced via social media, the first round of reactions includes people praying it’s all a hoax or that some internet reporter simply got it wrong and others ran with it—sometimes, that’s exactly what happens.

On the latest episode of 'Sneaker Shopping with Complex," Jaden Smith discusses his collaboration with New Balance, launching his own sneaker, and donating a massive amount of footwear to the homeless Skid Row. He really is just an icon living.

Kanye West has tackled music, fashion and now it looks like television is next on his list. The Hollywood Reporter revealed that West is developing a Showtime anthology show called Omniverse and Jaden Smith is set to play a younger version of the rapper.

The city of Flint, Mich. is still undergoing its water supply crisis, which has understandably sparked many celebrities and known figures to show support. Jaden Smith, by way of his foundation, is aiming to provide a water filtration system to the Michigan city and is also working alongside a local church.

Things are getting more weirder by the week when it comes to Jaden Smith. He has added Justin Bieber as one of his boo thangs.

Jaden Smith has always pushed the boundaries of sexuality by way of his fashion sense, boldly taking on styles and stances that belied what is typically expected of Hip-Hop artists. During this weekend’s Camp Flog Gnaw Carvinal festival, Smith admitted to being in a relationship with Tyler, The Creator.

The top album in the country once again belongs to a Hip-Hop act. Brockhampton‘s newest project lands at number one on the Billboard 200 chart.

Jaden Smith continues to glow up in historic fashion. Will’s son was recently interviewed by one of his favorite artists for an in-depth feature.

J. Cole’s upcoming live shows have just received an upgrade. A couple of heavy hitters have been added to the bill.


Jaden Smith has a peculiar style, to say the least, but he does think and live outside the box in a way that you may not like but have to respect.

Jaden Smith‘s debut album, SYRE: A Beautiful Confusion, has made its way to the charts. As Will Smith‘s son enjoys success and continues to work, he makes it known that doesn’t feel like the “little homie” anymore.