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If it appeared that the bad blood between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor was no longer at the boiling point, recent exchanges between the men prove otherwise. After the retired boxer gave the MMA fighter praise, the Irishman fired off a healthy “F*ck the Mayweathers” in response has he’s done in the past.

TMZ Sports reports:

Remember … Floyd gushed over McGregor to TMZ Sports on Monday, calling the Irish fighter a “warrior” and even inviting him to train for the Khabib fight at the Mayweather Boxing Club in Vegas.

But Conor clearly wants no part of that … declining Floyd’s offer on Tuesday with a fat middle finger.

“F*ck the Mayweathers, except Senior and Roger,” Conor said.

“There is no peace here, kid. Step up or step down.”

First, Mayweather is 11 years McGregor’s senior at 41 and secondly, he came into Money’s world and got the fade handed to him. It looked as if Mayweather was gearing up to enter the Octagon and come into McGregor’s world but the pugilist appears to be focused on his growing gym franchise.

Photo: WENN