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Looks like NFL players are going to have another reason to be a little jealous of how things are done in the NBA. Aside from the guaranteed multi-million dollar contracts that often times go to bench warmers, now the NBA is allowing players to wear sneakers of any color in any game of the season.

Many fans didn’t even know that there was a sneaker restriction being that it was rarely ever made a fuss over, but this latest move ensures that issue will never be a problem.

According to ESPN the rule change is an effort on the NBA’s part to allow players to express themselves on the court. Up until now the rule on player footwear was that all sneakers worn on the court had to be 51 percent white or black with minimal team color accent to top it off, depending on home and visiting teams. Who thinks up these things?

Those familiar with this rule probably became familiar with it thanks to the legend behind the classic the Air Jordan 1 “Banned” colorway. Throughout the league’s history there have been few exceptions to the rule including letting players sport full team colored kicks in the early 2000’s and then the “Theme Nights” sneaker move of 2012 that allowed companies to create story-telling kicks.

While the NBA has loosened that unnecessary rules about sneaker colors worn on the court they’re still keeping their restrictions on other elements such as “sharp protruding objects or reflective elements” on kicks. Now that makes sense. Can’t have players running around with ankle slicing scythes blades on the side of their shoes. But then again in Trump’s Amerikkka it seems like anything goes so you never know.

Now that this rule has been relaxed we totally expect to see all kinds of wild colorways and designs running up and down the basketball court this season. (Bart Scott voice) Can’t wait!

Photo: Nike