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For the record, Omarosa Manigault still isn’t getting a cookout invite, but we’ll readily listen to all those recordings. Reportedly, Donald Trump’s former No. 1 Token Negro used her phone to record nearly all her White House conversations. 

So much for national security, eh?

According to Axios, Omarosa recorded all the convos she had while working in the White House with her phone on record mode.

The reports added that the former The Apprentice star used two phones, a personal device and her government issued phone. She allegedly told people she made the recording to refer to them later, but really it was just to cover her own @ss. Just saying.

Per the source, Omarosa would playback the recordings on her business/government phone on speaker, and record it on her personal phone. She was also careful not to use e-mail or text, utilizing Facebook messenger instead.

Sounds like Omarosa got the your messages aren’t ever really private memo that dipwads like Donald Trump, Jr. clearly never bothered to read. Again, just saying.