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Tommy Davidson and Jim Carrey

Source: photo: WENN

In the early 90’s the OG Wayans brothers (Keenan and Damon Wayans) launched the careers of some of today’s iconic celebrities such as Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx, the other Wayans Bros, and Jennifer Lopez (she was a background dancer but was still a good start) with their groundbreaking comedy sketch show In Living Color. And though the show has been off the air for a quarter of a century (feel old?), ILC alumni Jim Carrey feels it’s the right time to reboot the cult classic series.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the politically charged comedian feels that in this age of Trumpism, a comedy sketch show that deals with social political issues could be just what the divided states of America needs.

“That show really needs to happen! That show needs to exist,” Carrey marveled. “Especially now, man. There’s so much to eat up and spit out so I’d love to see it reconstitute itself in another form.”

This makes sense since Carrey was a fan favorite and mainstay on the show from it’s inception in 1990 until 1994 when he became a superstar in his own right. Should a reboot actually happen you can expect to see Carrey make a guest appearance a two should the situation call for it.

“I’d go back and uh hang out with ’em,” Carrey said. “Of course I would!”

That is unless Fire Marshall Bill is currently employed by this Trump Administration.