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Double Murder Trial Of Former Patriots Player Aaron Hernandez

Source: Boston Globe / Getty

The tragic life of Aaron Hernandez came to an end after the former New England Patriots player hung himself in jail last year. In the wake of his death, new details about Hernandez’s life are emerging and it appears he held secrets close to his chest.

In the first of a six-part series by The Boston Globe, the early part of Hernandez’s life was examined. From the onset, it becomes clear that Hernandez and his brother Jonathan endured abusive tactics from their father, Dennis Hernandez. In one portion of the profile piece, it is revealed that Hernandez wanted to become a cheerleader and his father put an end to that. The father also used a homophobic slur if he saw his boys acting in any other way that didn’t fit his standard of manhood.

Although it isn’t elaborated on much in the piece, Hernandez was molested as a boy and confided in his brother about it. Hernandez also had an alleged years-long relationship with a football teammate, who told the Globe that much of their time in school was about trying to hide their on-again, off-again relationship.

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Photo: Getty