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Justice is rare when it comes to Black people and the law, but a judge in Florida put one in the win column for the brothers after tossing a pair of cops in the slammer. The officers framed a Black teenaged boy in the town of Biscayne by pinning a string of burglaries on him.

The Miami Herald reports:

By helping the feds make a case against a corrupt ex-Biscayne Park police chief, two convicted former officers were hoping to avoid prison time for their roles in framing a black teenager with a string of burglaries.

Instead, Charlie Dayoub and Raul Fernandez were handcuffed and led by U.S. Marshals into custody on Tuesday after U.S. District Judge K. Michael Moore sentenced them to the maximum: one year in prison for the false arrests.

As family members cried in disbelief, Moore chastised federal prosecutors for agreeing to recommend eight months of home confinement for Dayoub and one year of probation for Fernandez based on their grand jury testimony and other assistance in helping target former Chief Raimundo Atesiano, who had pressured officers in the mostly white suburban town to pin property crimes on people of color. He pleaded guilty last month.

Judge Moore said that giving the officers a lighter sentence would be akin to a “slap on the wrist” and pushed back at the prosecution’s suggestion of granting leniency after the 16-year-old boy was pegged for the break-ins in 2013 under the direction of police leadership.

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