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Kanye West‘s been doing everything under the sun to get himself canceled. But Charlamagne Tha God thinks Ye’s actions are those of a man with mental health issues and he feels we’re all “hypocrites” for banishing Yeezy from our culture.

In a sit down with Buzzfeed’s Profile, Charlamagne Tha God was speaking about his own mental health issues before touching on what he sees Kanye West is currently going through.

“I think we’re all wack and I think we’re all hypocrites, and I think we all contradict ourselves because we see a guy sitting there, screaming that he may have mental health issues, but everybody wants to cancel him. They’re not really being empathetic to the fact that he might be really going through some things.”

Well, he’s not wrong. While we should sit back and question what led Ye to go down this path, it’s also hard to not want to cancel someone who sides with the “KING DEVIL” at a time when minorities are under attack in a manner that hasn’t been seen in decades. Not to mention he’s even decided to design shirts that encourage the Black community to abandon the democratic party.

Still, Charlamagne admitted that “I can’t even take anything that he’s saying serious. He’s clearly telling us that something is wrong. So it’s like, why are we putting so much stock in anything that’s coming out of his mouth when he’s telling us something is wrong and has been telling us that something is wrong? When a man tells you he’s off his medication there’s nothing else to talk about after that.”

Check out the entire interview below and let us know if you’d give Kanye West another chance or if he’s canceled for good.