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Prior to becoming Kanye “MAGA” West before our very eyes, Donda’s baby boy was very much considered Kanye “Woke” West and kept himself in the presence of company that seemed to help give that notion credit. Company like Common, Mos Def, and of course, Talib Kweli.

Now that Yeezy seems to be horrendously playing both sides of the fence, Talib Kweli took to IG to remind Ye of a project they had begun working on at the beginning of the year that seemed to have a pointed message for the current nationalist-in-chief.

Over what we assume is a Kanye West produced track, Talib begins his verse with some politically charged bars that went like this:

“N*ggas wanna play both sides/Like both sides got very fine people/One side is fighting, playing nazis/The other side is straight evil/If people wanting to be equal is a threat to you/And equality is death to you/You’re probably sensitive about your testicles/We celebrate diversity with carnivals festivals.”

Damn, it would’ve been interesting to see what Ye would’ve followed up that verse with, if anything.

When HipHopDX reached out to Talib to ask him about the post the Brooklyn rapper revealed it wasn’t about getting Ye back in the studio to finish the project but to remind him about the people who’d use him for their own gain i.e. Candace Owens and Donald Trump.

We started working on one but I stopped going around once it was clear that he wasn’t hearing me re: the Trump/Candace Owens stuff,” Kweli tells HipHopDX via email. “I posted that clip on IG not so much to restart the album, but to remind him that I was warning him thru song about the very people who took advantage of him way before he allowed them to.”

He added, “I have a lot of love for Ye but he still has more work to do.”

Seems like Kanye finally realized he was being used as a puppet earlier this week when he announced he was done with politics and denied being a part of Candace Owen’s “Blexit” movement which encourages the Black community to abandon the democratic party in favor of far-right ideology.

Whether or not Ye actually wrote that is anyone’s guess but hopefully Kanye will reconnect with the brothers that were around him when he spoke truth to power about George Bush in the wake of the aftermath of Katrina. But until then, his show will remained canceled ‘round these parts.