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London is taking a different approach to ensure students can focus on their studies. A principal has banned expensive outwear in an effort to “poverty proof” her institution.

According to CNN a northwestern England high school is no longer allowing their students to wear Canada Goose or Moncler jackets. Earlier this month Woodchurch High School sent parents a letter explaining the restriction saying that they are being “mindful that some young people put pressure on their parents to purchase expensive items of clothing”.

Headteacher Rebekah Phillips drilled the reasoning even further in a statement to the news network. “These coats cause a lot of inequality between our pupils. They stigmatize students and parents who are less well off and struggle financially.” Thus far parents have welcomed the change in policy. Surprisingly students have also shown their support of the new approach telling Phillips that school should not be a place where student’s “economic background is rubbed in their faces and distracts them from learning.”

The initiative should not come as a surprise considering both brand’s high price points. Moncler and Canada Goose don’t come cheap, their coats start at $600 dollars and sometimes reach up to $1,200 for limited-edition pieces. Pricey garments such as these also become a safety concern for the wearer. In 2013 a New York City teenager was shot and left paralyzed over his $680 dollar Marmot Mammoth parka, commonly known as a “Biggie”.

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