One of the worst things dog owners can do is abandoned their pet to the outside world, especially after they’ve been domesticated and used to the comforts of home. A man was caught on video in England doing just that to a dog that rescue workers named “Snoop,” prompting a huge rally of support including […]

London is taking a different approach to ensure students can focus on their studies. A principal has banned expensive outwear in an effort to “poverty proof” her institution.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z kicked off their “On The Run II” tour in England Wednesday (June 6) much to the delight of fans in attendance. In a video montage, the power couple showed off various images including one of Queen Bey holding two babies many thought to be her children Rumi and Sir but it’s being […]

Public Enemy has been dropping music since 1987 and still hold court as one of the most popular Hip-Hop groups ever. However, it appears that a member of the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame inductees thinks that Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar and other big rap stars are “not real Hip-Hop.”

Our cousins across “the pond” in the Great Britain are notorious for touting their long standing progressive attitude toward race relations. Quick to lambaste Americans for seemingly latching onto the barbaric ideals of racism while simultaneously clinging to their guns and religion, the British have long since eradicated much racial injustice within their cultured country…Or […]