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Don’t take a job with the Wall Street Journal if you’re a fan of leisurewear. The periodical blatantly turned their nose up at wearing anything less than business casual while working offsite.

In a piece that was published Tuesday, November 20 writer Christine Lennon jumped out the window with her insistence that we all should buy pricey garments to wear while working from home. While this reeks of journalistic trolling she was very serious in her stance as Huffington Post pointed out that even the tweet promoting the story said “No, you shouldn’t be wearing sweatpants to work—even when you work from home”.

Lennon claims she has not regularly reported to an office in the last 17 years so she finds that work cuts into her home life thus admitting “I often err on the dressy side”. She went on to suggest an ideal work from home look which included $600 loafers, $300 pants and a Prada purse with a $3,100 price ticket. Right.

As you would expect the editorial was met was fierce resistance online from executives and those she dubbed “slobby creatives” alike. Some of the best responses can be found below:

Lennon has yet to respond to any of the slander. Conveniently she does not have an active Twitter account but the comments section on WSJ should let her know she is most likely alone in her choices for dressy attire while at home. You can read the entire article here.