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Every year, this final week before Christmas seems to creep up on everyone. You were hitting live shows and arguing back and forth online about R&B Kings and whatnot, while your people hit the streets, bustling along with other last minute shoppers.

If you haven’t finished grabbing gifts for the holidays, you’re not alone. And if your issue is with finding those perfect things for the ladies in your life, we’re here to help.

With less than a week left until Christmas Day, it’s time to quit playing around and commit to grabbing some gifts for the women that are near and dear to your heart. Whether it’s your mom, daughter, niece, or that special young lady you’ve been building with, we have options for you in every price range.

We’ve even categorized each gift by personality and interests. So, no excuses. It’s time to give your final gifts some thought and cop them before next Tuesday.





Moda Mythical Frozen Flight Brush SetSource: Moda / Moda

Your Work Wife

The Moda Mythical Frozen Flight Brush Set — $19.99

Every year, you two flirt at the office. She grabs you a sandwich if she’s headed out for lunch and you return the favor whenever you can. It’s nice to be thoughtful, isn’t it? So maybe go beyond the Secret Santa thing this year and grab her a little something extra. It’s a lovely gesture, plus, you always need someone to have your back at work.

The Moda Mythical Frozen Flight Brush Set has five different makeup brushes that come with a small travel case — perfect for her to stash in her desk drawer between touchups.

From Moda:

Perfect for wet and dry makeup products, these brushes are made up of professional quality fibers to provide the perfect look whether its your first time experimenting with makeup or you are a pro. The collection includes the following brushes:

  • Multi-Purpose Powder Brush: Ensure that foundation and contour are uniform by buffing and blending with this multitasking brush.

  • Precision Contour: Contour with cream or powder to get killer cheekbones

  • Highlight & Glow: Perfectly shaped to apply precise highlights to the entire face

  • Shader: Sweep and blend eye shadow over the entire lid

  • Smoky Eye: Apply shadow in the crease and close to the lash line for a dramatic smoky eye

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