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Wendy Williams had to take time off her daytime talk show for health concerns. However, at least part of her struggle is being pinned on her allegedly abusive husband. 

Reports Page Six:

Sources close to the host tell The Post that Williams has been acting erratically at work for the last few years — with behavior worsening in recent months.

A frequent guest told The Post that, while on the show last year, “Producers . . . told me, ‘You carry the segment’ ” — implying that Wendy couldn’t do so on her own. Williams was “a ­little out of sorts,” said the frequent guest.

Last week, Radar Online published photos of the host in South Florida. Her team says, she’s in long-term hospitalization for a fractured shoulder and complications from Graves’ disease, an autoimmune disorder that affects the thyroid. But sources say that the queen of spilling tea has been hiding pitchers’ worth of her own secrets for more than a decade — including emotional and, in the past, even physical abuse by her husband and manager, Kevin Hunter.

Thanks to the word of former interns and staffers, there was plenty more tea spilled about Hunter.

Hunter’s temper, according to sources, could turn violent. One night, around 2007, an associate witnessed Hunter acting aggressively toward Williams at a nightclub.

When the couple left the club, Hunter hit Williams in the back seat of the car, according to a former friend who was with them. The blow to Williams’ mouth was so severe, “there was blood everywhere.”

When they got to a Midtown parking garage, “Hunter grabbed [Williams] and pulled her into the bathroom,” said the former friend. “The parking attendant called the police.” No charges were filed.

Nicole Spence, who worked on “The Wendy Williams Experience” from 2004 to 2008, made allegations of abusive behavior by Hunter in a June 2008 lawsuit against him and Williams. The complaint claimed Hunter sexually harassed Spence and created a “hostile work environment,” and alleged that Spence witnessed Hunter physically assault his wife.

Besides Hunter, possible drug us has also been floated by ex-employees as the cause of some of Williams’ erratic behavior.

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