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Activists Distribute 'Bye-Bye 45' A Satire Edition Of The Washington Post

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Nicholas Sandmann, the Covington Catholic High School student at the center of a group of MAGA hat-wearing teen who allegedly mocked Native American activist Nathan Phillips, is on the offensive. The 16-year-old has filed a lawsuit against The Washington Post to the tune of $250 million due to what his side says was unfair coverage.

Intelligencer reports:

Nicholas Sandmann, Covington Catholic teenager and the face of the debacle in front of the Lincoln Memorial in January, is suing the Washington Post in federal court in the Eastern District of Kentucky for $250 million — the amount of money Amazon founder Jeff Bezos initially paid for the paper in 2013. In a lawsuit filed by his parents Ted and Julie Sandmann, the family of the 16-year-old is seeking a quarter-billion in damages for the Post’s initial coverage of the event. The suit says the paper described Sandmann as the instigator in a confrontation with Native American activist Nathan Phillips, “‘accost[ing]’ Phillips by ‘suddenly swarm[ing]’ him in a ‘threaten[ing]’ and ‘physically intimidat[ing]’ manner.” Reports later emerged that Sandmann and the Covington students did not initiate the conflict, a clarification that could cause the Post to pay out the most expensive defamation award in U.S. history, besting a 1997 case in which a brokerage firm sued the Wall Street Journal and won some $222.7 million.

Good luck on this case actually getting even an iota of the money listed in the lawsuit.

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