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UPS parcel delivery

Source: Robert Alexander / Getty

UPS has some explaining to do. Workers at a Midwest facility claim that the company turned a blind eye to racial discrimination.

CNN is reporting that 19 workers have filed a lawsuit against the shipping conglomerate with charges of fostering a hateful work environment. The laborers, who are all of color, say they endured very blatant acts of bigoted disrespect. According to the documentation nooses were hung up throughout the center including over a Black employees desk.

Even more alarming was that a stuffed monkey doll was dressed up as a UPS worker was also hanging from the walls. The culturally insensitive behavior goes back many years with one staff member describing a group chat in 2016. Several of his white coworkers were discussing a possible lotto payout using offensive references including: “If you feel down and out, the noose is loose;” “Can we buy another noose with the winnings,” and “Like Clint Eastwood said, ‘Hang ’em High.'”

The n-word was also frequently used by whites including a driver who refused to make a delivery stating “she did not want to deliver to ‘Ni**erville'”. Another was found playing a modified version of the popular spelling game Hangman with a black stick figure.

All of the aforementioned offenses were reported to management but no corrective measures were made. Director of Media Relations Glenn Zaccara said that UPS takes the allegations very seriously. “The company has strict policies against harassment and discrimination. When an incident is reported, UPS takes the matter seriously, thoroughly investigates and takes appropriate disciplinary action against those found responsible for misconduct.”

Each employee is seeking about $25,000 in damages.

Photo: Getty