While Jay Electronica continues to act like he’ll soon be dropping that elusive debut studio album (Dr. Dre’s Detox a.k.a. Compton dropped in a timely manner by comparison), he’s now gone and given his fans more reason to be excited/frustrated with his way of doing music business.

In a recent Q&A with fans, Jay gave a little credence to the rumors that he and Jay-Z not only have a duet song together, but an entire album a la Watch The Throne. When a fan asked him straight up “Are you and HOV doing a project together?” Electronica neither confirmed nor denied the notion simply stating “Possibly. Likely.”

This is Hip-Hop so we’ll take that as a yes. Now whether or not that project will ever see the light of day in this decade or the next is anyone’e guess. That seems like a 50/50 shot at this point but still, it’s not like we’re not going to listen to it whenever it drops.

Check out a screenshot of how it went down below and let us know if you think you’ll still be young(ish) when this album drops.

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