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SNK & Athlon Games Announce 'Samurai Shodown' For PS4 & Xbox One

Source: SNK / Athlon Games

Fighting game fans this news will suit you very well. SNK the studio behind classic games like Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury and King of Fighters revealed that Samurai Shodown will be slashing its way onto PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this June.

The game will arrive on Nintendo Switch Q4 2019 and on PC at a later date.

SNK and Athlon Games announced today (Mar.25) the return of the game which will be the first release in the iconic fighting game franchise in over ten years. The news comes just days ahead of  Samurai Shodown’s showing at PAX East this weekend. With its arrival on next-generation consoles, it’s getting a gorgeous makeover utilizing the Unreal Engine giving new life to the classic 2D fighter with cutting edge 3D graphics.

The minute-long trailer features the gory, sword slashing action fans of the franchise have to come love and shows all of the classic thirteen characters from the original game like Haohmaru, Earthquake, and Galford plus three brand new fighters. Other playable characters will be available via post-launch DLC.

When the game arrives, it will feature a bevy of modes such as Story, Practice, Online Battle and multiple offline battle modes. The rebooted Samurai Shodown will also debut a new “Dojo” mode that utilizes as what the studio describes as a “deep machine learning to create a CPU-avatar that learns from players’ actions during offline modes and creates a Ghost AI character.” Players will be able to upload their ghosts to leaderboards, take on other player’s ghosts in 1v1 battle or battle with up to 100 ghosts in an Ironman Challenge.

So step into the trailer below and let us know in the comment section if you’re excited to see the return of Samurai Showdown.

Photo: SNK / Athlon Games