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PlayStation 5 Will Have Shorter Load Times & Improved Graphics

Source: picture alliance / Getty

Sony’s PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro is still going strong but it’s no secret PS5 is on the horizon. Speaking with Wired, Sony revealed the system is well on its way plus what gamers can expect when it is finally unveiled.

Assuming Sony sticks with tradition, its next-generation console will be called PlayStation 5 but, lead system architect Mark Cerny made sure to keep the forthcoming system’s name under wraps. But he did reveal the inner workings of PS5.

Cerny revealed that the PlayStation 5 will be sporting a solid-state hard drive that will enable to it have faster load times, will still use physical discs despite rumors of consoles heading in the discless gaming direction, will be backward compatible allowing owners to play PS4 games as well.

Under the hood, AMD will be supplying a new central processing unit and a graphics processing unit that will allow ray tracing which help produces improved visuals in computer graphics. Cerny also hinted that Sony is still making sure PS VR is a focal point for the company. Without confirming nor denying The PlayStation 5 will support PlayStation VR and there might be a possible updated version coming as well.

As far as a release date is concerned, Cerny made sure to point out that the PlayStation 5 is not coming out this year. But it’s very close and is “deep” in development with development kits already being shipped to game developers to get the ball rolling. So we can expect some top tier titles ready to go when Sony’s new next-generation console launches.

With Google, Apple, Nintendo, and Microsoft all hinting at next-generation gaming it was only a matter of time that Sony will show what is in the pipeline. Color us intrigued after reading the article despite PlayStation not revealing too much.


Photo: picture alliance / Getty