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Meek Mill Returns To Drais Nightclub

Source: Judy Eddy/ / WENN

Looks like Nipsey Hussle‘s death has affected how Meek Mill is going about his business as the Philadelphia representative has taken to Twitter to let everyone know he’s done with social media. Well, parts of social media anyway.

Last night the Dream Chaser’s head honcho took to Twitter to let his fans know that from here on out it’s “No social media … all real life!”

After posting that tweet, Meek then went on to delete his Instagram account to prove that he’s taking a break from the Internet and all the love and hate that comes with it.

For those who didn’t know, Meek and Nipsey had been working on a joint project just prior to his murder and it seems like the shock of that harsh reality has influenced Meek’s way of life for the foreseeable future…on Instagram only apparently. He’s since been tweeting like its business as usual about a range of things, including his absence on Instagram.

Well, at least his fans can interact with him via tweets. Something’s better than nothing.

Photo: WENN