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Graphs Indicate The Switch Is On Almost Identical Sales Pace As 3DS

Source: SOPA Images / Getty

During Nintendo’s March 2019 Financial Results Briefing, information was revealed showing the Switch in on a nearly identical sales pace as the Nintendo 3DS.

Four different graphs break down how well Nintendo’s consoles sold worldwide as well as in different regions in the world. In the chart that breaks down worldwide sales, the Nintendo Switch is moving units at almost the same pace as the 3DS after nearly two years with a slight edge over the portable system. Only the Nintendo Wii and DS are selling better and will take the significant surge in Switch sales to put it in the ballpark of the Wii.

The other three graphs tell an interesting story, in Japan, the Switch is outselling the Wii but lagging behind both the DS and 3DS. In Europe the sales chart indicates the Switch is selling slightly better than the 3DS but like the worldwide chart nowhere near the pace of the DS or Wii. North America’s graph shows the Switch well ahead of both DS and 3DS but not close the Wii’s sales pace.

Regardless this is still positive news for the Nintendo Switch which is still gaining in popularity among gamers as more games continue to come out. So don’t be shocked if and when these graphs actually show the hybrid console passing its predecessor’s sales pace also there two new Switch consoles on the horizon so that can also give the Switch a boost as well.

Photo: Getty