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Rolled down my window 12 years ago on Crenshaw & Slauson as you handed me your demo & said “Chuck, don’t frisbee my shit homie… give a young nigga a ear”. From that day to letting you open up for me on tour & us going around the world together, creating a bond & watching your growth to today…… Murdered my friend in front of his own store on a Sunday at that !!! After just talking to you on the phone just last night about the Dr. Sebi documentary, family, the kids & how we were both bout to f&$k the summer up with this music, the world loses a true king. A man that was truly about everything he spoke & stood up for all that he believed in. I keep seeing your name in these headlines bro, but it seems unreal to me…. like, I just cannot believe you gone !!!! I love you….. I’m really broken & saddened by the fact they did this to you SMMFH !!!!! I can only imagine what your family is going through right now… This was not how your life on earth was supposed to end !!!!!!!! They don’t even make friends like you no more…… @nipseyhussle 🙏🏾 & in LA, at his own store ?!?!? A store & business he put there for his people ?!?!? Los Angeles, how we let this happen ?!?!?!?!? I’m ashamed of you right now !!!!! Can’t even live out ya whole life in this city no more… this shit right here is just krazy to me !!!!!!!!!!!! #RestInPeaceNip can’t even fuckin believe it’s actually your name attached to all these REST IN PEACE posts !!!!! SMFH

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Oh, so you think because you bought some Crept sneaker protectors and have your kick collection stashed in plastic bags and plastic containers you’re a sneaker fiend, huh? Well, The Game might’ve just proved he’s a sneaker psycho as it’s being reported that the LA rapper stashes his kicks in his own personal Fort Knox.

Complex’s Joe La Puma caught up with Game the rapper’s Calabasas Mansion where Chuck Taylor showed how he took his affinity of footwear to unforseen and possibly unnecessary levels by stashing them in a bulletproof sneaker “closet.”

And by “closet” we mean a sneaker panic room where Game is prepared to ride or die next to his precious Nike collection. Game explains that the idea to build a special room for his collection came when a burglar broke into his crib and bagged a pair of extremely limited edition Back To The Future Nike Air Mags. “I saw it on camera. I was overseas, I was pissed off. I couldn’t do sh*t.”

Luckily Game was able to get another pair and has secured it behind bulletproof glass along with steel chain rods which makes it virtually impossible to remove the sneakers without destroying the wall the display case is attached to. Now that’s some next sh*t.

Check out Game showoff his sneaker panic room below and see why exactly that was necessary as he stunts with all kinds of Nike and Jordan exclusives that you’d only dream of having. Where’s the Travis Scott 1‘s though?

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