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Wale has always been forthcoming about dealing with anxiety and this week was no different, as the rapper joked about a new single he has coming.

“My new single called ‘I’m not really good at social events cuz everybody hates me in my mind and that is the root of anxiety so imagine having to live in your head n ppl ask you for pics and you tryna love yourself more but it’s hard because you dealin wit shyt’ drops in 4 weeks,” he tweeted.

He told MTV back in 2015 that he worries about his every move being criticized.

“I get anxiety because somebody always feels like you didn’t give them the proper greeting,” he explained, adding “that stuff has been a hindrance to me, because some people would come back and say ‘Wale was rude.’ Your every move, your every mannerism is being watched. And to think about it, it makes me sweat and my heart beats fast. I’m under a microscope all the time.”

See his tweet about social anxiety below, plus one more about him having an album release party in a library so people can’t talk to him. Apparently, he really does have a single coming in four weeks, though, so stay tuned.

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