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Young loving family having fun in the park

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Imagine having a lakeside lunch with the love of your life and an irate white woman pulls out her gun and demands that you leave the grounds. That exact thing happened to Jessica Richardson and her husband, Franklin, at a Mississippi park but because justice is sometimes kind, the woman was promptly fired after a video of the encounter went viral.

Local outlet WTVA reports:

Richardson said the woman yelled, “You don’t belong here. You’re not supposed to be here,” while pointing a revolver in their face.

Kampgrounds of America (KOA) is a campsite in Starkville that has benches overlooking the lake, slides and an area for cabins and recreational vehicles.

Richardson said the woman claimed to be a property manager and kicked them off the property because they didn’t have reservations.

After speaking with the woman’s husband, who’s also a property manager, he told them they only needed reservations for the cabin and RV area, not the lake area, Richardson said.

The husband said they were on private property, but Richardson said they didn’t know and didn’t see any signs saying that.

The Richardson’s obtained an attorney to see how they can move forward.

The video of the exchange can be seen below.

Photo: Getty