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Brandi Garnett, the ex-wife of retired NBA star Kevin Garnett, is seeking to have their prenuptial agreement thrown out in court. She claims that K.G. violated the terms of the agreement and essentially froze her out of millions.

The Blast reports:

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Brandi Garnett is asking a judge to combine the two proposed trials in their divorce — one on the validity of the prenup and another on the division of assets and support.

To make her case, Brandi goes into detail about what exactly the prenup called for her to receive, which she claims Kevin did not even live up to.

Brandi claims the prenup essentially stated that “almost everything would be his” and she would only receive “an initial payment of S500,000 or S1 million.”

She claims Kevin was supposed to fund a joint account that was to be worth $12 million and that she would receive half if they ever part ways. She says the account had nearly nothing in it when they separated. Brandi believes that by not funding the account, he has breached the terms of the agreement.

The outlet adds that the agreement stated that Brandi Garnett would not get spousal support but there is a temporary child support agreement of $100,000 per month for the former couple’s two daughters.

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